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May 19th 2015

When was the last time you held an actual photograph in your hand or passed around pictures for your friends, family or co-workers to see... without the use of a cell phone, computer or digital camera? Bet you can't remember! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, when you have Picture Your Moments photo booth rentals at your next event, you'll get just that... an actual photo print... on photographic paper... to hold in your very own hand!

The photo booth is one of the last ways in America to get an actual printed photo these days. Not an email, a text or a link to a Facebook page or an Instagram account. We are right smack in the middle of the digital age and just about every photo you see today is an electronic image on a mobile device. Few people have the time or bother to go through the trouble of having pictures printed out anymore.

Picture Your Moments won't put you in an uncomfortable situation, waiting to see photos of your memorable event. You don't have to wait your turn while someone passes around their cell phone and then you have to strain your eyes to see a small image on someone else's phone or mobile device.

That's what makes the photo booth so fun and unique. You're not left waiting for an email, having to log on to a computer, or go through a lengthy text message exchange to track down pictures of the great time you had at the wedding, birthday, bar mizvah, party or charity event.

Picture Your Moments prints out photographs of each of your poses right there and then for each of your guests. You can hold in your hand evidence of the memories and shared moments that will last for the rest of your life -- instantaneously. No need to worry if you're not part of the email chain going out the following morning. You'll walk out the door at the end of the event, memories already in hand. No waiting for proofs, no waiting in line at the drug store and no fiddling around with discs in your computer.

Plus, your guests will leave your event feeling happy that they have an actual keepsake or souvenir of the evening, something that they can frame, place on their mantel and reminisce about for years to come. That's an immediate emotion you won't necessarily get when a photo is emailed to you or posted to your social media page. It's also a gesture that will be helpful for some of your older relatives at family events such as weddings or birthday parties, who are used to receiving frameable pictures and are not quite on board with the whole digital era.

Picture Your Moments is one of Long Island and New York�s premiere Photo Booth Rental service companies and will provide instant memories for you and all your guests. Be sure to check our photo gallery to see the good times our customers have inside our photo booths and see if you can Picture Your Moments, too.

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